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Cost to open a dispensary is the first question our franchise prospects ask. For good reason. The expenses and costs for opening a cannabis dispensary in the United States can vary greatly depending on the state in which you plan to open the dispensary.

obtaining a dispensary license by state

Typical Costs To Open A Retail Or Medical Dispensary In The US

Some of the typical expenses and costs include:

  • Application and licensing fees: These range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the state.
  • Legal and consulting fees: These include the costs of hiring a lawyer to help navigate the complex laws and regulations surrounding the cannabis industry. However, on the bright side, we help franchise prospect avoid as the costs of hiring consultants to help with things like business planning, market research, and compliance.
  • Real estate and build-out costs: These include the costs of leasing or purchasing a retail space, as well as the costs of renovating and equipping the space to meet the requirements of the state’s cannabis regulations.
  • Inventory and equipment: These typically cover the costs of purchasing cannabis products to sell, as well as the costs of buying things like cash registers, security cameras, and other equipment required by the state.
  • Insurance and security: These are critical to your success. They include the costs of obtaining liability insurance to protect your business, as well as the costs of installing security systems to meet the requirements of the state’s cannabis regulations. Security personnel costs are optional.
  • Taxes and compliance: These include the costs of complying with state and federal tax regulations, as well as the costs of complying with other regulations related to the cannabis industry.

The Cost To Open A Dispensary Varies Greatly

It’s important to note that the cannabis industry is heavily regulated. Laws and regulations may vary greatly depending on the state. It’s recommended to consult with a lawyer, accountant and other professionals before setting up a dispensary. White Rabbit Franchise provides counseling and advise to help keep these costs down as much as possible.

Going up the learning curve doesn’t have to include unnecessary and burdensome costly mistakes.

Obtaining A License vs. Purchasing An Existing Operation

Some states have closed the window for the time being on obtaining a new license for retailers. That means the only path to obtaining a license requires purchasing an existing operation. In this case, the cost is greater, but you get a “turnkey” solution. In terms of converting an existing store into a White Rabbit Cannabis Franchise, the cost is very modest. Generally, all that entails is paying the franchise license fee and making signage changes to reflect the new branded White Rabbit entity.

If you are interested in purchasing an existing license, then we offer assistance through the entire process. Keep in mind a few issues:

  • Some states have specific residency requirements for owning a marijuana retail business.
  • Training existing employees in the White Rabbit Franchise operations guidelines is necessary
  • Owning the property of the business is preferable to renting, so take this into consideration when factoring the price of the investment.

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