Find links to the recreational and medical marijuana licensing and permitting information in your state. Learn more about obtaining a legal permit to sell cannabis. This page contains a list of links to mostly government run websites. These sites generally provide helpful and accurate information on operating a retail cannabis business in each respective state.

You can also contact White Rabbit Franchisors with any questions. We are here to help you through every part of the process.

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Obtaining dispensary licenses is a process. There are challenges, but jumping through hoops and overcoming hurdles gets you in shape for what’s to come right? While obtaining a license is time consuming and can be pricey, the actual process is fairly straightforward.

In fact, State cannabis control boards or similar authorities usually provide ample resources and information to help applicants. Just remember, slow and steady wins the race. Planning carefully ahead avoids common pitfalls along the way.

Getting ready for obtaining dispensary licenses

To proceed with securing a recreational or medical license to retail cannabis, interested parties must navigate the state’s system to apply for a retail cannabis license. Typically, this involves providing detailed information to the state. So, learn what you need ahead of time and get ready to present it professionally. Get a copy of the application for your respective state, because that is the best place to start.

Take advantage of every opportunity to create a successful application

Some states offer programs to create equal opportunities in cannabis licensing so be sure to look for them. Make sure to search for those social equity opportunities and don’t hesitate to ask if you cannot find anything in the state licensing authority information online.

Links to State authorities for obtaining a dispensary license

obtaining a dispensary license by state

Each State offers unique options and regulations regarding legal marijuana sales. Some states have closed the application process temporarily, but will open again soon. Others are still in the process of creating regulatory guidelines. In any event, everything starts with learning where recreational and medical retail marijuana stands in your state.

More helpful links to check out:

FAQ on obtaining dispensary licenses

Wish to franchise a White Rabbit Cannabis retail location? First, learn about obtaining a cannabis retail license in your respective state. While White Rabbit Franchise cannot issue a franchise if the candidate is not able to sell legal cannabis, we can help you through the process and provide a better foundation for success.

Start with a clear objective and focused plan for obtaining permission to sell marijuana legally in your state. Learn where your state stands on medical and recreational licensing.

Is my state legal for medical, recreational, or both?

All states that offer recreational cannabis sales also make provisions for medical marijuana access as well. In Washington for example, this requires licensed recreational cannabis shops to also obtain a “Medical Endorsement”. This requires staff to complete extra training related to medical marijuana.

Also, in Washington, medical users must register on a database in order to be considered a medical user, with current prescriptions by a licensed medical practitioner.

However, each state sets its own rules and regulations for medical sales.

What is "vertical integration"?

As related to cannabis, “vertical integration” refers to respective license holders being the grower, processor, and retailer all under one license.

Some states require vertical integration, while for others it is optional. In Colorado for example, the state started with vertical integration as a requirement for the retail location. For example, each shop had to grow and process and package its own products for sale. However that has changed due to demand and enhanced oversight of production and processing.

What is the difference between a dispensary and a recreational marijuana store?

Since all states started with medical marijuana, including states that now offer recreational retail sale, the term “dispensary” is still used interchangeably. However, it is more accurate to describe states that offer only medical marijuana as having “dispensaries” and recreational sales states offer “shops” or “stores”

Do I need a marijuana license to become a White Rabbit Cannabis franchisee?

White Rabbit Franchisee candidates must obtain a legal permit to operate a retail cannabis business and White Rabbit Franchisors can assist you through the entire licensing process. We have navigated this process for others so we can help you too. Let our expertise guide you to success.

What is the cost of opening a dispensary?

There are myriad costs to consider before opening a dispensary. Each state is unique for how much it charges for the privilege. Additionally, franchise fees and business operations expenses come into play. Here is a helpful link to learn more about dispensary start up costs.

How long does the process take for obtaining dispensary licenses?

Each state is different for how long the process takes. So be patient. Slow and steady wins the race. Getting the license granted is just the first step.. After that, the store needs development, employees hired, and many more tasks lie ahead. We are experts and we help you through the entire process.

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