FDD & Operation Manual Now Available

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Franchising Retail Medical & Recreational Cannabis

White Rabbit Cannabis Franchising has arrived! Our Franchise Disclosure Documentation and Operations Manual are complete, so prospective franchisees are welcome to request these as well as contact our sales team for more information. White Rabbit Cannabis opens the door to running a medical and recreational retail marijuana business in an industry projected to reach over 60 Billion in annual sales in 2020. The future of the marijuana industry never looked brighter. Countries around the world are legalizing cannabis, and the current administration has promised to federally legalize as well. Long overdo, but no time like the present to chart a course for sensible legislation and correction of the misguided era of prohibition.

“12% of Americans are active cannabis users”

If over 10% of Americans use cannabis, both for medical as well as recreational purposes, then obviously legalization presents an incredible chance to harness a ready, willing, and educated marketplace. So, with a great opportunity, comes a million ways to miss taking advantage of it. A bit of foresight might not always point the way to success, but it sure can help avoid most of the mistakes on the road to it.

A Path Forward In Cannabis Franchising

With the completion of the Franchise Disclosure Document and Operations Manual, White Rabbit Cannabis sits on the frontline with only a few others offering franchise opportunities. These are trailblazing times, and choosing to lead rather than follow does present risks but meeting those type of challenges is something successful retail cannabis companies do on a daily basis.

White Rabbit Cannabis started with an inspiration and vision that has never waivered. That kind of consistency earns respect. As a result, even in a market crowded with competitors, where consumers have endless options, the customers develop deep loyalty to White Rabbit Cannabis.

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