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Cannabis franchising offers a unique new opportunity in the world of legal cannabis retail. To date, there are only a precious few with legitimate franchise offers. For franchising White Rabbit Cannabis stores, prospects face a few hurdles, but nothing insurmountable. We are here to help guide the process and train you for success. That means getting you through the entire race.

In fact, becoming a White Rabbit Franchisee can actually help you obtain your license, because we help answer many questions your state’s control board will have for you.

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Where Cannabis Franchising Starts With White Rabbit

The first challenge franchising prospects face? Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits to actually own and operate a legal cannabis store. The states with legal cannabis industries all try their best to juggle the challenges. Namely, how to regulate an industry legal at the state level, but still unrecognized by Federal legalization.

The states try their best, but let’s face it. All bureaucracies possess the innate ability to, well, make things perhaps a bit more complicated than need be. Sometimes those efforts might seem ill-intended, but usually, the state is just trying to get it right. So the first bit of advice is be patient. You will get there. And we are there to help get franchisors across the finish line.

But first, there are heats to run and hurdles to jump in each.

Applying For A Retail Cannabis License

White Rabbit Franchisors want prospects to succeed in getting their state’s permission to sell marijuana. In fact, White Rabbit Franchisors will not take franchise fees until a prospect has been licensed and permitted to operate a retail cannabis store. White we can’t get the state license for you, we can help your chances of success significantly.

So, a few things to keep in mind:

  • States require higher levels of scrutiny for cannabis, and rules might apply to whether full time or part time residents are eligible. So, be prepared. Know the rules of the road for obtaining the State’s permission. Don’t take short cuts or make assumptions about what isĀ  allowed or not allowed. Staying as friendly as possible with the controlling agency is for the good of all concerned.
  • Get real about the real estate the franchise exists on. If it is a rental, then do you have the landlord’s blessing? Is it zoned correctly for use? Rent or own? These are all questions to have answers for ahead of obtaining a license.

About White Rabbit Franchisors

White Rabbit Franchisors offers recreational, medical, and cbd White Rabbit Cannabis retail store franchise opportunities. With a mission to celebrate peace, love, and great cannabis White Rabbit Franchise launched in 2022. Drawing on vast experience as one of the first retailers in Washington State, the company grants franchises to those who meet their states requirement to operate retail marijuana businesses. Interested prospects may contact for more information. Please visit and


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