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Cannabis Opportunity

Now offering a unique chance to take advantage of the legal cannabis market with an experienced team in the industy. With eight years experience in the highly competitive medical and recreational cannabis market in Washington state, let us help you own and operate a legal marijuana store. As the prospect of nationwide legalization gains more momentum, now is the time to get in on the ground floor of this exciting and “recession-proof” industry.

Invest in Cannabis

Product Expertise

If your state has medical or recreational licensing, or just CBD for now, then we can help. All bud tenders learn through course work using online training materials about products and operations. We help guide your decision making when it comes to products and services to maximize your chances for success.

Affordable Franchise Licensing

The licensing and marketing fees are reasonable and attainable. Own your own marijuana franchise with proven strategies to help you achieve success. While we cannot guarantee your respective state will issue your cannabis license permit, we will work with franchise prospects to help them through the process of obtaining a license to operate. We will not collect franchise frees until the state license to operate a recreational or medical cannabis business is secured. So we are committed to helping guide you successfully through the process!

Sales Support

Navigate the complexities of the industry with a team to help bring the customers in and avoid the missteps and mistakes. Our online training system comprehensively covers every aspect of the business. It is designed for different levels of staff and ownership to access the information needed respective to their position. Products, procedures, safety, and more critical areas of operation are all presented in detailed summaries and include testing materials. The goal is to not only get you up and running securely, but also provide training materials you can use for all future employees of your White Rabbit Cannabis franchise.

Take advantage of proven expertise...

Experience and expertise gained in one of Washington’s oldest legal retail operations! Washington was the first state to approve legal recreational cannabis, beating Colorado by two weeks, and White Rabbit Cannabis was one of the first stores to open for business. Having successfully navigated in a highly competitive market, White Rabbit Cannabis developed strategies for success in both the medical and recreational markets for legal marijuana.

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"The team at White Rabbit is radical - Very knowledgeable, professional budtenders and outstanding partners of ours since 2017."

Emma Pielow Senior Sales Representative @ Leafwerx & Full Spec

A Proven Model of Success

Now Is The Time To Become A White Rabbit Cannabis Franchisee

You’ve seen the headlines. More states are approving the sale of recreational and medical marijuana. Sales numbers are astronomical in the states allowing marijuana sales. If you want a successful franchise opportunity, you’d be hard pressed to find an investment with more potential than the cannabis industry.

White Rabbit is here to guide you on that journey. Established soon after Washington state became the first in the country to legalize recreational marijuana sales, two weeks ahead of Colorado. To date, White Rabbit has built a culture of education and compassion, allowing it to thrive while others have failed.

Loyal customers drive by many competitors to make their purchases from friendly and knowledgeable budtenders. Customers will pay more for higher quality products sourced from ethical cannabis product manufacturers. Staff turnover remains low thanks in part to the White Rabbit culture.


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