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meet the zor podcast with white rabbit cannabis franchise

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“Meet the Zor”, a podcast devoted to the world of franchising, featured White Rabbit Cannabis Franchise. TheĀ  Meet the Zor podcast encompasses the entire spectrum of franchise opportunities and gives insights into them. Host Nick Powillis interviewed White Rabbit’s Marketing Director Farrell Timlake to learn more about the unique opportunity cannabis retail franchising offers. Meet the Zor podcast is produced by 1851 Franchise, which was created as a marketing channel by Hello Mainland. Hello Mainland, a well known Chicago based company, focuses on advertising franchise opportunities.

Tackling the challenges of cannabis store franchising

The interview takes a deep dive on the challenges of retail cannabis franchises. From obtaining a license, to securing a location, learning about products, management, and more. The host had obviously done his homework! Powillis recognized the unique and distinct differences between typical franchise retail opportunities and running a cannabis store. So a good deal of the interview spotlights the challenges as well as the benefits of trying to open a cannabis store.

Experience Counts

Since White Rabbit started when medical cannabis laws in Washington state allowed dispensaries to open, it moved into recreational sales easily. This transition went smoothly precisely because White Rabbit maintained a focus on medical cannabis users still. In fact, White Rabbit always caters to this market regardless of whether the state is “recreational” or “medical” only or both. The experience of working with medical cannabis users continues to inspire ongoing efforts. Indeed, it is part of White Rabbit’s core mission to focus on health and wellness.

A Cannabis Franchise opportunity with a difference

One thing is clear, White Rabbit definitely provides a very unique insight into recreational and medical cannabis retail. With over ten years of experience operating a profitable shop, even in a highly competitive market, the system proves itself on a daily basis. The same cannot be said industrywide, as retailers face huge obstacles in this space.

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