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white rabbit cannabis owners with Tommy Chong

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Celebrity weed brands keep popping up everywhere. Seems like the latest fashion trend, slapping a celebrity name on a cannabis product to create a buzz in more ways than one. But does a celebrity association actually generate more sales? After all, especially those celebrities strongly associated with cannabis, like Tommy Chong or Willie Nelson must know great bud, right? And we assume a big name would only associate with quality craftsmanship. However, this is not always the case.

In fact, sometimes yes, a celebrity brand stands up to the hype, and sometimes, well, not so much unfortunately.

So figuring out what is hot and what is not when looking at celebrity weed brands requires a critical eye. Remembering to think like a business and not a fan helps too.

white rabbit cannabis owners with Tommy Chong

Besides the Celebrity, what makes the cannabis brand great?

In the case of most, but not all celebrity cannabis brands, the “big name” sits on the packaging, but typically has very little to do with creating what goes in the package. More often than not, celebs simply license their name and likeness to a grower or processor to use. This relationship rests on the hope that the brand will sell more because of the association, but that does not always equate with quality of product.

In other words, just because a celebrity slapped his or her name on it, doesn’t make the bud any better, or the dab any stronger. So, in worst case scenarios, the brand gets passed by and the celebs reputation tarnished by association with low quality product.

In best cases however, lightning strikes. The celebrity gains notoriety and their brand impresses consumers, who become true fans of the product.

The best celebrity weed brands

So what sets a great celebrity cannabis brand apart? Being hands on and actually being in the marijuana industry makes a huge difference. The rapper Berner, whose “Cookies” brand sets the highest standard, serves as a perfect example.

Berner’s experience first as a budtender and shop owner, then partnering with geneticists to create the well known Cookies as well as Sherbert strains, sets him apart. By maintaining quality controls for strains and packaging, the entire Cookies line of products commands respect – and strong sales numbers – throughout the market. Cookies strains and processed products are popular sellers in all states where they are sold.

Strong marketing and branding certainly helps, but the quality of the products is much more important to the consumers whose options for price and quality are vast. Uniquely, Berner’s name is not necessarily on the packaging. What sells is the “Cookies” name and standards of quality.

What to look for in celeb cannabis brands

Here are some tips for avoiding the hype when it comes to purchasing celebrity endorsed marijuana products:

  • Is it just a name on the package? Where is the cannabis sourced? Are you just paying more for the same weed you already buy at a lower price just because a celebrity name is on the package?
  • How does the celebrity support the product? Does their endorsement include actual engagement like social media efforts to influence and increase exposure and enhance sales?
  • How wide or limited is the fanbase and will the celebrity name actually resonate with your typical clientele?
  • Always keep in mind that quality and price will leave the longest impression. A customer who pays more for a celeb weed brand and is disappointed might be lost as a customer completely. Not worth the risk!

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