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By Farrell TImlake

Marijuana Franchising in the legal recreational and medical cannabis space is still a new and cutting edge trend. Our team at White Rabbit Franchise partnered with the premiere franchise firm in the USA to launch Marijuana Franchise with the White Rabbit Cannabis brand.

With a proven track record and business model that competes successfully even in a very crowded “green mile” of cannabis shops in Washington State, our franchisees access a team driven to deliver service, insight, structure, and methodology.

“They are also willing to work with me to improve our packaging and make suggestions on how to be more appealing to their customers. I treasure our business relationship as well as the personal friendship that has developed over the last few years. I am blessed to be one of their steady suppliers.” – Peter D., owner, Spady Bud

Our journey to marijuana franchising the White Rabbit Cannabis brand began in quarter one of 2020, then with official our official launch in Q1 of 2021. Now, we look forward to bringing the White Rabbit Cannabis brand to a vastly different landscape nationwide.

Legal cannabis has arrived, so let’s make the most of the opportunity through responsible ownership and community service.

Importantly, considered a “recession proof” industry, all states have deemed legal recreational and medical cannabis an essential business. With the uncertainty that still surrounds returning to normal post pandemic, franchising White Rabbit Cannabis provides a very unique opportunity.

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