Cannabis Franchising

Cannabis franchising is on the way. A cannabis franchising opportunity presents a unique way to participate in the fast growing legal cannabis industry. At this pivotal moment in history, legalization for both medical and recreational cannabis stretches not just nationally but internationally too.

Indeed, people realize that marijuana retail businesses can also create a very positive impact on the local community as well. White Rabbit Cannabis Franchisors believe this is integral to the brand’s identity.

Product Education

Learn about the market to take advantage of trends in medical and recreational cannabis as well as cbd.

Marketing Support

Navigating the restrictions on where and how to market successfully is the key to success.

Tools To Succeed

Harness proven techniques for success to stay competitive even in a complex and competitive market.

Going the Green Mile

marijuana franchising products

White Rabbit Cannabis started with the ideal of providing high quality legal cannabis products to consumers in Lynnwood Washington. The focus from the beginning is to service medical marijuana patients and also to promote safe and responsible recreational use. 

We value our relationships within our community and strive to be a great neighbor. We believe in giving back to the community and support local food banks and other worthy causes.  We aim to provide franchisees tools to succeed, experience to learn from, and resources to stay competitive in this exciting industry.

Your opportunity to operate a marijuana franchise is coming soon. Get in on the most exciting opportunity in franchising since the invention of a sub sandwich. Owning a marijuana franchise presents risks and challenges that are unique, but not insurmountable. Working with a franchiser that has a proven track record in a very competitive market means benefiting from knowledge and expertise.


  • Marketing strategies that take advantage of available channels in a highly restricted and regulated environment
  •  Product knowledge and insights into consumer behavior to make highly targeted and informed stocking decisions
  • Services to maintain traceability and reporting, manage customers, and drive advertising
  • Years of experience in both medical and recreational cannabis, as well as CBD products. 
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